WT/Movies: ‪Duplass Brothers talk “Do-Deca-Pentathlon” & New Todd Phillips Project‬

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  • Last week we told you that it wouldn’t be an episode of What’s Trending Movies without a Mark Duplass reference.

    This week, we skipped the reference altogether and just brought you Mark and his brother, Jay, instead. In this very special episode of What’s Trending movies, Brett Register talks to the Duplass Brothers about their latest film, “Do-Deca-Pentathlon,” and a book adaptation with Todd Philips.

    “Our process for coming up with ideas is always the same,” Jay Duplets said, “Mark and I have a private dialogue about what we think is hilarious and poignant about the world.”

    The brother said that since several of their films had limited releases in larger markets, some of their fans were asking when they would be able to have a wider release for their films. The brothers responded by releasing their film “Penthathlon” via on-demand, making it available online at the-d-d-p.com.

    The Duplass Brothers were behind such films as “Jeff Who Lives at Home,” “Cyrus,” and “The Puffy Chair.”

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