Best Man Speech Rap – ‘I’m In A Wedding’ Parody of ‘I’m On A Boat’ (VIDEO)

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  • The honor of being Best Man is no small one. There’s a great deal of expectation and responsibility to keep the groom in good spirits and prepared for his big day.

    Jarrett Juran was up to the challenge.

    In order to surprise his recently married brother (and the entire wedding party), Juran conspired with the groomsmen to make a song and video parody of The Lonely Island’s satiric SNL Digital Short, “I’m On a Boat.”

    The video — which was shot at a tuxedo shop in Pennsylvania and created with help from Klock Entertainment — comes complete with autotune and slightly incomplete without T-Pain.

  • Juran has pretty big shoes to fill, considering The Lonely Island original boasts over 23 million hits:

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