Twitter Handle Will Give One Person 1 Million Twitter Followers

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  • A social media experiment is under way, and the winner of its “study” will end up winning 1 million Twitter followers. The project is called Twitterich, and it works like this: When it’s hashtag @1MillionRicher gets to 1 million followers, one person will get them all. The account has been active since June 22.

    Currently, the Twitter handle has yet to reach 5,000 followers. A flash vide0 on its website explains that the project is an experiment, and it’s not for money, not a scam and followers will not get spamed. To join, you simply need to follow the Twitter account. “The more you share, the faster you can become Twitterich,” the video says.

    On Twitter, some people are already fairly optimistic about winning all one million followers.

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