VidCon 2012: Sam xJawz On Becoming A Gamer YouTube Sensation

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  • This year’s 3rd annual VidCon marks his first, and he said he was able to meet many people he admires from the YouTube universe. “We are weird people; we play video games every day,” he joked about his community. When he he started in 2009, he was 15 and just wanted to teach people how to play games. “I saw the interaction increase, the engagement in my videos increase, I was more motivated to create more content.” He took his video postings to another level when he became the first person to create three video per day of his “Call Of Duty” gameplay.

    Now, at 18, he’s ready to raise the entrepreneurial bar on YouTube. He’s currently marketing his own birthday party called “Project xJawz”, where he plans to invite fellow YouTubers and invite brands to sponsor the entire thing. All the money of course will go to helping him continue to bring more content to his growing 800k plus subscribers.

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