App Allegedly Helps Determine A Woman’s Biological Clock
  • An app developed for women may help determine the exact moment they become infertile. It’s called the Wonder Clock, and it shows users—down to the exact second—when they will lose their fertility based on their birthdate. The Daily Mail reports the app was created by Mira Kaddoura, who told the paper she created it to empower women. Kaddoura told the Daily Mail that she doesn’t intend for the app to be a scientific tool, but rather, “an interactive and conceptual piece.”

    The app’s website displays a clock ticking away over letters reading, “Mira’s Biological Clock,” which shows she has about 9 years and 6 months left of fertility. “My name is Mira and I am ticking,” she writes in her biography section of her website; according to her bio, she created the clock to face her own fears and open a dialogue with other women about their fertility. The app sells on the App Store for $1.99, and it was released on June 12. Six reviews so far have given it an aggregated rating of three stars out of five.