Steve Nash Shares Thank You Voice Message To Phoenix Fans Via Twitter (LISTEN)
  • Wednesday wasn’t just a day for Laker fans to celebrate Independence Day but also a day to rejoice the addition of another star to the already talented LA roster after Steve Nash was traded to the Lakers, joining superstar Kobe Bryant.

    Nash, known for being a gentlemen on-and-off the court, decided to record a special message through the voice-messaging service Hallo to fans of his now former team, the Phoenix Suns. He posted audio clip on Thursday morning, and shared it via his verified Twitter handle:

  • Here’s the full audio.

  • “Hey Suns fans, I just want to say thank you for the last eight years,” Nash says in the recording. “The unwavering support, the fun, the lifetime full of memories, it was just incredible. I didn’t want it to come to end, but everything does.”