’50 Shades of Grey The Musical’ Nails Readership Stereotypes (VIDEO)

'50 Shades of Grey The Musical' Nails Readership Stereotypes (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube channel AVbyte uploads weekly mini-musicals based on hot topics. While they might be a bit behind the game on the “50 Shades of Grey” trend, it’s never too late to welcome a well-crafted spoof into the mix of potentially viral videos.

    The catchy musical is composed for a trio of E.L. James readers, embodying solid stereotypes of responses to the cultural craze.

    There’s the housewife who opens herself up to an uninhibited love of the erotic novel, the reader who remains aloof to its degrading content, and then of course the one who is way too ashamed to admit that he enjoys it so much.

    Can you identify with any of these camps?