Crazy Vending Machine Has People Do Funny Things for Free Snacks (VIDEO)

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  • How far would you go for a free sampling of your favorite snack?

    Fantastic Delites put its customers to the test and recorded the results. The company placed a flashy Delite-o-Matic vending machine in a mall in Australia, asking people to do hilarious things for a free box of its crackers.

    The video, which was uploaded to the TasteFantastic Youtube channel on July 5, shows a display of bizarre behavior — including pushing a button 5,000x, performing crazy dances, and bowing down to the “almighty” cracker — which can all be explained by a bid for free stuff!

    Most importantly, the company was able to create an enjoyable, social, and public display around its product. You can also play the machine online to win tasty prizes.

    Would you pull these stunts for some fantastic treats?

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