Comic-Con 2012: Jay Mewes Previews Jay and Silent Bob App on What’s Trending (VIDEO)

Comic-Con 2012: Jay Mewes Previews Jay and Silent Bob App on What's Trending (VIDEO)
By Damon Berger
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  • Haislip, who has her own show on Nerdist, said she was happy to help her friend Zach Levi, who created Nerd HQ. “When he asked me to come on board and help out this year, because I was at Nerd HQ last year on a panel, and now this year, he was like ‘Why don’t you actually come and cover it for us?'”

    So what are the biggest stories and events that everyone needs to know about this year’s Comic-Con? “What I have seen is the Warner Bros. booth outside the convention center that has all of the Batmobiles, which are incredible. It has every single Batmobile, and they look awesome! You kind of forget that there was that generation of that Batmobile,” she said. Shira Lazar then dropped some impressive numbers about attendance at this year’s event. “This is the 43rd Comic-Con, and of the four-day convention that starts today, 127,000 registered attendees, an additional 3,000 members of the press are here,” she said. There’s also quite a few anniversaries, including Tarzan, James Bond and Power Rangers, celebrating during the four-day event.

    Mewes also shared some special news during the first day of Comic-Con, announcing the launch of a game for Apple products, called “Too Fat To Fly” featuring Mewes and his buddy Kevin Smith’s infamous “Jay and Silent Bob” characters. The game features an “Angry-Bird” type launching mechanism, but instead of birds it’s actually Silent Bob. Mewes also shared news of an animated film, called “Jay and Bob’s Animated Groovy Movie.” “We’re almost done with it, and I’m excited. It looks really good,” he said, noting that it uses 2D flash animation.