Comic-Con 2012: Reckless Tortuga On Reaching 200 Million Views

Comic-Con 2012: Reckless Tortuga On Reaching 200 Million Views
By Damon Berger
  • The duo also made a big announcement earlier in the day, when they shared that they’re working on a project with Machinima to create an online video series that is more sci-fi adventure than comedy. “It’s called ‘Hell, MI’ and it’s a sci-fi, demon action, horror web series,” she said. “Hopefully we will have it online soon.” Eric added that the pilot episode has not been seen in full, although a clip was shown earlier in the day. “Today was the first time ever that anyone saw any footage of it,” he said. Lindsey said that while they both love comedy, they were interested in doing something else. She calls it the next level. They have an additional project launching with Machinima that will be more traditional comedy.

    Despite being YouTube stars, both Reckless Tortuga members were visiting their first Comic-Con this year. They said that they’re both nerds, and their material has spoken to gamers because they’re gamers themselves. “We spoke from what was a true place, and then they relate to. We didn’t even know that there was this huge gamer audience out there,” Lindsey said.

    Both expressed some insight over the future of the online platform, which they think may soon involve a meshing of platforms between web and TV. They also shared what their favorite games are, as Lindsey chose the “Halo” series and Eric said “Borderlands 2” is the game he’s most excited for.