Comic-Con 2012: Costume Etiquette PLUS Gallery Of The Coolest Costumes (PHOTOS)
  • Guest post and photos by Jeremy Singer.

    Five Rules For Costume Etiquette at Comic-Con

    As if by a snap of the fingers, thousands of people in downtown San Diego hung up their sci-fi apparel last night, as the annual Comic-Con convention came to a close. Busy crowds became empty streets, and for an event that brings a wide range of outfits, a couple of celebrities looked back at the weekend, and gave their thoughts on the unofficial rules for Comic-Con costumes.

    Rule No. 1: Be Committed

    “Just give 100 per cent effort to the character. I actually love Klingons. Every time I see one here, I just point and say ‘yes, well done.'”

    – Stephen Moyer, actor, True Blood

    Rule No. 2: Stick with the size chart

    “People really go all out for this weekend. It’s great. But everyone should adhere to the costume size chart. It just makes everything…easier.”

    – David Arquette, actor

    Rule No. 3: Air circulation

    “I remember how it felt to wear the costume in Watchmen as The Comedian. I really didn’t like it, it was sweaty, and I couldn’t move at all. So I think having something that could breath well is pretty important.”

    – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor

    Rule No. 4: Sometimes you just have to do-it-yourself

    “I’ve heard that if you want to be a Star Wars Stormtrooper, you have to make the costume yourself, because they don’t sell them in full outfits. I guess you do what you gotta do!”

    – Sam Trammell, actor, True Blood

    Rule No. 5: No body oil

    “I’ve seen people this weekend oiling their bodies up to emphasize their physique. Believe me, it doesn’t work. All it does is leave you looking like you have an excessive amount of oil on your body.

    – Steven Yeun, actor, The Walking Dead

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