Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes Makes First Court Appearance (PHOTO)
  • James e. holmes
  • James Holmes, suspecting of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in the worst mass shooting in American history, made his first court appearance on Monday in Centennial, Colo. The 24-year-old opened fire at the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Friday, using four weapons including an AR-15 rifle. It had been widely reported that Holmes had dyed his hair to look like “The Joker,” Batman’s archenemy, and on Monday, Holmes’ hair was indeed dyed, but instead of a green it was a bright orange hue.

    This photograph, taken by the Denver Post’s RJ Sangosti, shows how Holmes appeared through much of the court appearance, which was broadcasted live on several news networks. He seemed dazed, even sleepy, as his rights were read by a Chief Judge William Sylvester at Arapahoe County District Court. Holmes never spoke during the hearing, choosing instead to allow his public defendant to speak for him. CBS News reported that at least five relatives of the victims were present at the hearing. Holmes has been in solitary confinement since arriving at the jailhouse on Friday.

    We kept a live blog as the story unfolded on Friday, and it highlights the most viral and shared content related to the shooting as it appeared online.