Redditors Make Larry King Say Anything After His First AMA (PHOTO)

Redditors Make Larry King Say Anything After His First AMA (PHOTO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Iconic radio and television interviewer, Larry King, conducted his first AMA (As Me Anything) on Reddit yesterday, opening himself up to viewers’ questions in an effort to promote his Larry King Now show on Ora TV, which he co-founded.




    From his ImLarryKing Reddit account, the TV personality started a thread with the statement: “IAmA Larry King. I’ve done Radio and TV, and now I’m coming for you, internet. AMAA.” King proceeded to answer a slew of questions ranging from childhood inspirations to favorite movies to interview tactics. Oh, and for the record, he owns 150 suspenders.

    He then followed through with the suggestion that he create a subreddit for his show — so here it is:

    Carrying the Internet event onwards, redditors created, inviting guests to write Larry King’s own announcements using a picture that Larry King tweeted of himself holding up a piece of paper.

    Amused by his creative Internet comrades, King tweeted the link himself:




    If you could make Larry King Say anything, what would you make Larry King say?