People Who Would Choose Los Pollos Hermanos Over Chick-fil-A

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  • How would you prefer your fried chicken served — with a side of meth or anti-gay politics?

    Many former and potential Chick-fil-A customers are now claiming that they would choose Los Pollos Hermanos — a (fictional) meth front from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad — to get their chicken fixes before patronizing the anti-gay establishment.

    Chick-fil-A has been fielding a significant amount of negative press lately since Dan Cathy, president of the fast food chain, stated to the Baptist Press that he and his company advocate “the biblical definition of the family unit,” ruling out support of same-sex marriages.

    Just today, Chick-fil-A was accused of “pretending to be a teenage girl” and creating an alternate Facebook account for the purpose of cattily shooting down insults, after The Jim Henson Company pulled its Muppets toys from the children’s meals.

    Still, dirty meth money can’t possibly be as bad as that, right?

  • Which would you choose?

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