Twitter Issues Public Apology For Thursday’s Outage

Twitter Issues Public Apology For Thursday's Outage
By Damon Berger
  • Thursday’s Twitter blackout had more than one user frantically searching for answers, and late in the afternoon the company issued an official apology via their official blog. According to the post, the data centers were to blame for the outage. While data center’s can fail once in a while, they’re paired in a “parallel system,” that takes over if one fails; however on Thursday, both of the data systems failed at the same time. Some people speculated that the Olympics had something to do with the issue, but it turns out it was just what the company calls, a “double-whammy.”

  • “On behalf of our infrastructure team, we apologize deeply for the interruption you had today. Now — back to making the service even better and more stable than ever,” writes Mazen Rawashdeh, Vice President of Engineering. Read the full apology here.