Photoshoppers Band Together to Fill Empty Olympics Seats With Iconic Characters (PHOTO)
  • On Monday, Redditor smok_e_wan_kenobe started a thread called, “Something’s up there,” linking to a picture of a bunch of empty seats in an Olympics stadium. Some jokesters started to comment and post their own revised versions of the picture, which displayed colorful figures interacting in humorous ways.

    Inspired by the idea, fellow Redditor Danaando replied with his own comment: “If we all work together, we can FILL ALL THE SEATS!” A frenzy of photoshopping ensued, as more and more people began to dream up and secure seats for their own amusing attendees.

    Some unexpected 2012 Olympics spectators include Hitler, Mona Lisa, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Kim Jong-un, Ronald McDonald, Waldo, and other favorite memes.

    Here’s Danaando’s original picture:

    Here’s the final result:

    Watch the graphic come to life:

    Which spectator is your favorite?