Sarcastic Olympics Worker Is Amazing at Revving Up a Crowd (VIDEO)

Sarcastic Olympics Worker Is Amazing at Revving Up a Crowd (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Bystander Olly Gourey caught her hilarious monologue on video and uploaded it to YouTube under the title, “Happiest Olympic Worker 2012.” Since it went live on July 27, the clip has gained over 1 million views, officially making this cheeky Olympics volunteer an Internet sensation.

    Surely, it wasn’t long before she was tracked down. It turns out 23-year-old Rachel Onasanwo of east London volunteered to give directions to spectators in the Olympic Park — and, of course, make sure they’re enjoying their experiences at the Games.

    Propped up on a podium and armed with a megaphone, the natural comedian employed a perfectly sarcastic tone to encourage her lackluster crowd to get pumped for the 2012 events.

    “We’re ready, we’re excited, London 2012, my mouth is dry, I need some water but I’m still talking because I’m that happy I’m going to overcome it,” she says in a deadpan, monotone voice.

    Onasanwo told The NY Daily News, “I’m a people pleaser, that’s my job, I please the crowd. But I can’t believe the response, it’s surreal … I’m just a normal person.”