Why Do People Really Hate These New Apple Ads? (VIDEO)

Why Do People Really Hate These New Apple Ads? (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • During the Olympics, Apple launched its newest round of commercials, and all at once, an entire audience of Mac enthusiasts and digital devotees groaned.

    Basically, the Apple brand has come to be associated with an invaluable service. It acts as a cultural staple of communication and media consumption geared towards a vastly evolving audience that doesn’t want to be talked down to. Unfortunately, that condescending tone is exactly what these new ads bring to the table — along with an unrefined quality that makes us weep for the polished and simplistic Apple ads of yore.

    Here are some tech-involved weeps who are not enjoying the new marketing strategy:







    BetaBeat also compiled a list of the best zingers mocking the cheesy ad campaign.

    What do you think of the ads?