New Yorkers Are Definitely Scared of a Zombie Apocalypse (VIDEO)

New Yorkers Are Definitely Scared of a Zombie Apocalypse (VIDEO)
By Whatstrending
  • Guest post by Kay Honda

  • With almost 600,000 views in two days, this video asks, “Could zombies live among us?” Judging by the popularity of zombies nowadays with shows like The Walking Dead and crazy news stories in Florida about the undead (a.k.a. people on “bath salts”), we could say that they already are.

    This video highlights how fun it is to test the jaded New Yorkers’ resolve against all things weird. While some might gloss over the “zombies,” assuming it’s some kind of stunt, others are jumpy, because — what if?

    The best part of it is, it has a message: put zombies back. There’s a link to, encouraging people to drop Dish, the same way Dish dropped AMC and The Walking Dead, and pick up a different provider. Forgetting the fact that Dish is also getting rid of Breaking Bad—having won four Emmys and been nominated for a whopping thirteen Emmys this year—you have to wonder why.

    Due to the increase of zombie popularity, a 28 Days Later-style apocalypse is on everyone’s mind. Dish didn’t seem to be ready for it. Are you?