London’s Mayor Gets Caught in Zip Line at Olympics (WATCH)

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  • London’s Mayor Boris Johnson went for a ride across a 1,050 ft. zip line at Victoria Park while his city was hosting the London 2012 Olympic Games — and things got a bit tangled.

    It’s hard to say how much peer pressure went into this government decision or what kind of fun press Mayor Johnson, 48, was looking to scrounge up for his elevated ride, but the zip line definitely picked an unfortunate time to trap its brave adventurer, who was waving two British flags in order to represent his country.

    “This is great fun, but it needs to go faster,” Johnson said to his bystanders. While stuck for nearly five minutes, dangling in the air, the Mayor apparently chatted with his fellow citizens about the Olympic Games and British pride.

    Adam Sich reported the humorous incident from the UK’s ITN news channel and now the video is making the rounds across the Internet.

    It wasn’t long before a blog entitled, DangleBoris, emerged online, with contributors sending in graphics of the eccentric Mayor hanging from different objects and monuments.

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