John Goodman As KFC Colonel in Funny or Die Chick-Fil-A Mockery (VIDEO)
  • John Goodman dons the famous white goatee of KFC’s iconic Colonel Sanders in the newest pop culture commentary from Funny or Die.

  • Now that Chick-Fil-A has associated itself with some serious anti-gay politics, it’s prime time for competing fast food chains to come out with how much they support the gay community.

    And it looks like Colonel Sanders is taking the charge to tell you that he and KFC love the gays. But it doesn’t take a lot to gather customers when you’re up against the media-smashed Chick-Fil-A.

    In fact, many people claim that they would even support the meth-front known as Los Pollos Hermanos from cable’s Breaking Bad over the homophobic fried goods offered by Dan Cathy’s company.

    Which would you choose?