X-Men Director Bryan Singer Launches H+ on YouTube (VIDEO)

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  • Shira Lazar caught up with director, writer, and producer, Bryan Singer, who is well-established in the film world, having hatched such projects as The Usual Suspects, the X-Men films, and Superman Returns. Now, he’s bringing his creative talents to online entertainment with the launch of a futuristic web show, H+ The Digital Series, which deals with the apocalyptic effects of technological warfare.

    Considering H+ is a series that is designed specifically for the Internet, the process of storytelling is different than it is for traditional media, in that episodes are short and addictive, each ending with a cliffhanger. And there’s also an exciting interactive quality.

    “The audience has the option of rearranging the episodes in a more linear fashion or favoring a certain character or location, so that they get to…not tell their story, but retell our story in a different way,” Singer said.

    After such success on the big screen, Singer is quick to sing the praises of online entertainment and YouTube as a platform, projecting that, “As more people are driven to observe their content online, things like YouTube will become networks, and they’ll be competitive networks. But right now YouTube is at the forefront.”

    When asked if he would consider getting an H+ implant as in the series, Singer joked, “Hell no, but then I never considered getting Facebook until recently or GPS in my phone…so, down the road, who knows what I’ll let someone inject into my neck!”

    Considering the current effectiveness of digital marketing, Singer joked that if The Usual Suspects had come out today, it would’ve probably made $500 million.

    “I think that movie came out in 800 theaters,” he said. “Nobody really knew what it was…but I think if there had been Facebook, Twitter, and social media, the fans of that kind of movie would’ve reached out to more fans.”

    Shira had to get the scoop on the recent announcement that the newest X-Men film will be entitled, Days of Future Past. The man behind the movie was happy to share that “It’ll be something very ambitious and something that’ll widen out the X-Men universe.”

    Speaking of X-Men, we also caught the director’s raw reactions to some crazy YouTube parodies of his own films:

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