Watch This 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Clear The Bar (VIDEO)

Watch This 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Clear The Bar (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Dr. William Bell is the world record holder in pole vault for his age group — you know, the age group that includes 90-year-old track and field athletes. Aside from proving his amazing agility late into his life, the father of former Olympic silver medalist Earl is also keeping up a family tradition — and showing off for the camera, according to his wife.

    Age isn’t a factor in this man’s exercise routine, as he is still jumping three times a week at his son’s training facility in northeast Arkansas. And he’s also on a mission to break his own record with a 7 ft 2 in jump!

    YouTuber BerlinSportsGuy uploaded this video clip on August 1, writing that he found Dr. Bell after reading a story about his son’s training facility. Check out the full scoop on the BBC News site.