Top Citizen Footage of Chevron Oil Refinery Fire (VIDEO)

Top Citizen Footage of Chevron Oil Refinery Fire (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Monday evening at around 6:40 pm, residents of Richmond, North Richmond and San Pablo were advised to take shelter and cover any cracks in their doors and windows due to a fire that burst out at the Chevron Refinery in California, sending toxic fumes and black smoke 4,000 feet into the air.

    The potentially explosive fire was finally put out around 11 pm PT, with no injuries or casualties reported.

    While networks were editing together their material for broadcast coverage, citizens took to YouTube to share their raw footage of the unsettling incident.

    YouTuber msefanov uploaded a video from the roof of his San Francisco apartment building:

  • YouTuber Marcushaeusser uploaded his own video with commentary, shot from his balcony:

  • YouTuber whynabile compiled a video of pictures he took from his car, aided by commentary: