What Are Centipedes Doing In This Dubstep Video? (WATCH)

What Are Centipedes Doing In This Dubstep Video? (WATCH)
By Whatstrending
  • by Kay Honda

  • The United Kingdom Federation of Dubstep, better known as UKF Dubstep, has given a chance for dubstep to find their place in pop America through it’s UKFDubstep YouTube channel. Now, Knife Party, a dubstep duo, formally members of Pendulum, is gaining more recognition in the dubstep world with its “Centipede” song.

    The eccentric video was only just posted today and it’s already trending on YouTube as its numbers climb.

    Dubstep’s emergence—or by some people’s standards, re-emergence—has been a tired argument among music buffs over whether the genre’s music is really legitimate or not. It can be easy to gloss over dubstep—and, in fact, all kinds of electronic music—and claim that there’s something lost when a DJ only has to manipulate a computer in some kind of way to impress people nowadays. But there’s a strategy behind working that computer.

    Perhaps it’s fairer to say that dubstep is a new kind of musical artist, one that appropriately reflects the digital age we’re now in. Even if it’s always been there, it only makes sense that it’s becoming popular again now. Some people even say that dubstep is our generation’s disco. Whatever it is, it’s creepy, fun, and interesting.

    So just enjoy the womps, yeah?