Meet ‘Romney Girl,’ A ‘Barbie Girl’ Musical Parody (VIDEO)

Meet 'Romney Girl,' A 'Barbie Girl' Musical Parody (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove



    Miss Swiss Bank Account debuts in her over-the-top music video for “Romney Girl,” a rip on Aqua’s original hit song and colorful music video, “Barbie Girl.”

    Created by The Agenda Project Action Fund, the presidential-themed spoof can also be considered a spin-off of the Obama Girl hype from 2008. The difference is, no matter how ridiculous Obama Girl was, that Internet sensation was mostly considered to be pro-Obama, whereas “Romney Girl” (like the majority of Republican video parodies) is critical of the conservative candidate, namely for his refusal to release his tax returns.

    Check out Romney Girl’s glitz and glam website for her full bio (and background as Harry Reid’s secret source) and pictures of her chilling with top conservative politicians.

    For nostalgia’s sake, here’s the original 1997 hit: