‘Strongest Girl in the World’ Tricks People Into Helping Her Lift Heavy Buckets (VIDEO)

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  • by Kay Honda

  • JustForLaughsTV is the official YouTube channel devoted to showing the best hidden camera pranks done under the world-famous Just For Laughs brand. Only two days ago, they posted another instant classic: The Strongest Girl In the World!

    Armed with an earpiece, this little girl poses as a scout at the mall, manning large buckets full of donations made to her cause. She asks various passersby to help her carry the heavy buckets, and who would ever suspect that a sweet, little girl asking for donations would have some ulterior motive?

    Watch as the Strongest Girl In the World shocks people of all ages as she casually lifts the tricked buckets while the helpers openly struggle under the weight. When she finally lets them in on it, however, it’s good to see that those who were tricked had the good sense to laugh at the prank.

    With almost 2 million views in two days, this video just proves that everyone enjoys watching someone get duped, and laughing a little at their expense.

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