‘Text Peeves’ Cartoon Teaches Mandatory Texting Etiquette (VIDEO)

'Text Peeves' Cartoon Teaches Mandatory Texting Etiquette (VIDEO)
By Whatstrending
  • by Kay Honda

  • YouTuber swoozie06 seems has something he needs to get off his chest: people don’t know how to properly text each other!

    This DeviantArt animator understands that there are definitely some common sense rules that must be upheld for civil and courteous SMS communication. For example, follow up to a text even if it’s just to say you can’t talk, and only reply with “K” when it’s truly appropriate.

    These things are trivial and annoying at best, but what makes the video so great is its humor. Aside from the original art, there are references to Dragon Ball Z and Death Note to make the anime nerd giggle. And the message is universal. We all have our pet “text peeves.” We just haven’t made an animated video about them (yet?).

    What are yours?