Ryan Lochte Pees in Olympic Pools via Funny or Die (VIDEO)
  • Decorated US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte makes his acting debut this week in two videos from Funny or Die. In the video above, the athletic heartthrob appears on “LOCHTv” to set the record straight about whether or not he pees in the pool. Answer: he does. But that’s okay. So does Michael Phelps. In fact, according to Phelps, so do a lot of professional swimmers.

  • In the NSFW video below, Lochte is joined at the 2012 London Games by Sir Patrick Stewart as the ticket-scalping Ticket-Tooth Phil, along with Star Trek‘s Simon Pegg and Game of Thrones‘ Maimie Williams.

    Some have criticized Lochte for his cringeworthy performances, but we won’t hold it against him because it’s all just fun and games. And it’s not his job to be an actor. He’s an Olympic swimmer — and he’s done a darn good job at being just that.