County Fair Gator Attack Puts On A Real Show (VIDEO)

County Fair Gator Attack Puts On A Real Show (VIDEO)
By Whatstrending
  • by Kay Honda

  • Most people are familiar with those fun, animal shows at fairs or amusement parks. You know, where half the thrill comes from being a little bit scared that something could go terribly, terribly wrong.

    At Cuyahoga County Fair, an animal trainer’s worst nightmare was witnessed by a frightened audience, which predominately consisted of families with their children. It starts off as any show would, with tricks that build up a healthy dose of suspense it looks a bit too real when the trainer’s arm gets stuck in the alligator’s teeth.

    It gradually becomes apparent that not everything’s under control. The lighthearted show soon escalates to something frantic mothers shield their children’s eyes away from (though this proved unsuccessful, since some kids moved in closer to see).

    The sassy presenter—with either insensitivity or some bent professionalism—tells the audience casually, “well, folks, these things happen.” Not anymore, they won’t. The show was closed down from the fair. Good job, guys.

    With almost 70,000 views on YouTube, and a child laughing during the unplanned noms, it looks like this alligator may have given the performance of its lifetime.