Teddy the Cat Is Trolling You (VIDEO)

Teddy the Cat Is Trolling You (VIDEO)
By Whatstrending
  • by Kay Honda

  • The beauty of the sites like YouTube is that it can provide some small, nineteen-second gems of “funny” and momentary fame. Like user krmrmlp’s seemingly sole upload of a cat video.

    It’s no surprise that cats are a bit of a phenomenon in the meme world (Breading cats, lolcat, Nyan Cat etc.). Surprise Kitty, anyone?

    But it’s always fun to get the other side of it: Teddy the cat is kind of an adorable, little jerk. With almost half a million views in a little over a day, this video shows that watching a cat just blatantly troll you is—somehow, but decidedly—amusing! What else is funnier than your own pet cat knocking something over, then looking almost smug about it afterwards?

    As commenter ayran kola says, “some cats just want to watch the world burn..”