Kids Create Ridiculously Catchy Rap About Snacks (VIDEO)

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  • North Community’s Y.N.Rich Kids rap group knows how to throw down a beat — and about a universally enjoyable subject matter: snacks!

    The Minneapolis YMCA’s Beats and Rhymes after-school program affords these kids the opportunity to write, perform and even record their own songs. And it looks like this latest hit, “Hot Cheetos and Takis,” was immortalized with a professionally shot music video, filmed right in front of a grocery store in town.

    City Pages wrote of the program: “Each student has to complete their homework in order to participate in the after-school rap session, which encourages self-expression, hard work and dedication, all while fostering talent in these young kids, qualities which will clearly be beneficial to them as they make their way through life.”

    The kids’ latest song is fun loving, ultra catchy, and just a good time — and they’re not even rapping about sex, drugs, and money — which, not to sound like a curmudgeon, is what most of today’s rap is filled with.

    It’s even received the Aziz Ansari stamp of approval:


    Now, time to get some snack food.

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