Synchronized Swimming In a Public Fountain (VIDEO)

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  • To celebrate its 10th anniversary causing scenes everywhere, online comedy staple Improv Everywhere has remastered a video of its 2004 synchronized swimming event in Washington Square Park.

    Posing as the official New York City synchronized swimming team, 16 “Olympic hopefuls” display their dedication by performing an energetic routine in some shallow, grimy water.

    While the original footage has been re-edited for high quality enjoyment, the old filming style still makes evident how much the group’s production value has advanced.

    This revamp will set a trend for ImprovEverywhere‘s YouTube channel, as the team is preparing to update other archived classics with higher quality video and audio, including some never-before-seen footage.

    And thus, as YouTube evolves, our content creators evolve with it, bringing us the best they have to offer with the newest technology available.

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