Guy Tracks Down Bike Thief on Craigslist, Records Arrest (WATCH)

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  • Portland’s Jake Gillum really loves his bicycle.

    Heartbroken after it was stolen, Jake was able track down the bike’s whereabouts via Craigslist and the thief using the alias Simon Jackson. He then embarked upon a rode trip to Seattle with some friends in order to get the ultimate vindication and retrieve his $2,500 stolen possession in person.

    Once in position, “Jackson” texted his aggravator using the Burner App, which masked his number with a local code, while his friends called the cops in hopes of getting the guy busted.

    The confrontation gets pretty heated, with tons of lying, a girlfriend accomplice, a street chase, and eventual arrest for trafficking of stolen goods.

    Who knew a bike thief shakedown could be so intense?

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