Man Battling Leukemia Makes Final Confession On YouTube (VIDEO)

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  • by Kay Honda

  • For almost ten years, Eric fought through countless relapses, chemo treatments and radiation, and at one point, a stem cell transplant and brain surgery. He was not giving up.

    Unfortunately, at his own admission, he’s recently been given a terminal prognosis, and it seems that the battle is over. Poignant and difficult to watch, Eric’s final confession underlines the fickle nature of life, the fear of death, and the anguish of saying goodbye to his family and friends.

    Even with the pain, he gathers up his courage and strength to thank “everyone,” who has been there for him every step of the way. But in truth, Eric has given something just as valuable back to the world. Not only has he contributed to the strong activism for cancer awareness and support, but he has shown everyone that no matter what, to the very end, even in the face of fear, we can achieve so much with the lives given to us.

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