Trillion Frames Per Second Photography Shows Light In Slow Motion (VIDEO)

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  • MIT Media Lab professor Ramesh Raskar is revolutionizing photography and the way that it can help us understand the nature of light.

    His recent TED Global Events talk on femto-photography popped up on Reddit yesterday and has since been trending on YouTube. Summarily, being able to capture images at one trillion frames per second can allow us to visualize light in slow motion — an invaluable discovery.

    In the video, Raskar notes how the advancements will force us to alter our vocabulary, saying, “Though photographs in the near future will still be composed by people holding cameras, it will gradually become more accurate to say pictures were computed rather than ‘taken’ or ‘captured.'”

    Looking to the future, it is proposed that this photon-imaging technology may someday be used to look “around” corners and see inside the body without X-rays.

    So, we’ll soon be asking, is there an app for that?

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