Sketch Empire Vlogs With Unwitting Strangers (VIDEO)

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  • by Kay Honda

  • Remember the Epic Shake Weight Prank? Funny man Roman Atwood of Sketch Empire is back with another viral hit.

    With almost 200,000 views in a day, Roman and his friend Dennis reap the benefits of their latest prank: vlogging with strangers. The discomfort ensues as these comedians peruse the town, pretending to be vlogging with accompanying “friends” and celebrities, who, with no prior knowledge of the setup, can’t help but laugh awkwardly.

    Of course, not everyone is as open to giggle at a guy with a camera, talking about how he’s about how he’s going to Target with his “friends” or how he just ran into the Kardashian sisters. But, all in all, it seems that everyone they pranked took the joke with embarrassed if not amused grace.

    And it’s always nice to see a cop playing along with a harmless prank or two.

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