Crying ‘Timothy Green’ Kids Exclusive Interview

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  • The viral YouTube video of two brothers’ horrified and emotional reactions to the ending of The Odd Life of Timothy Green has been sweeping across the Internet since it went live this past weekend via the parents’ garoth24 YouTube channel.

    Shira Lazar caught up with the Roth family behind the video to learn more about the boys’ thoughts on the film, how they feel about becoming an Internet sensation, and why the parents decided to upload the footage.

    Aaron and Seth’s mother, Heather, notes that the boys really attached themselves to the main character and, while it’s expected that a someone may die on screen in a Disney film, the impact of this ending was unexpected. But the irony of her sons’ reactions was not lost on her. “We went to go to the movie to have a feel-good moment and that definitely was not what happened,” she said.

    But the boys aren’t embarrassed that their parents uploaded the video, stating, “We’re just showing people how we feel about different things and our emotions.”

    The trio of Roths are all, of course, amazed and taken aback by the attention they’ve received from the video, having only thought to record the moment to show their family. No one was grabbing for views, and, like most viral hits, the attention just came out of nowhere.

    Heather Roth adds, “As a mother, I’ve taught them to show what’s in their hearts.”

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