After Donald Trump's winning victory in 2016, many celebrities have suggested running for President in 2020, and because the idea of having Kim Kardashian or whatnot as the 46th President of the United States is so ridiculous, people are of course, absolutely loving it.

Happy Fourth of July! Here are all the celebrities who want to govern the country– for better or for worse.

After Donald Trump’s winning victory in 2016, many celebrities have suggested running for President in 2020, and because the idea of having Kim Kardashian as the 46th President of the United States is so ridiculous, people are of course, absolutely loving it.

Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States back in 2016, and the idea of how silly presidents can get, has begun to circle around Hollywood, as celebrities are beginning to think “If Donald Trump can do it, then why can’t I?” Well I don’t know Kanye West, but just because you are a talented rapper and musician doesn’t mean you should be the President! Come on.

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Anyway, before my opinions turn to rage, because let’s face it, the whole discussion has become so ridiculous, let’s look through the celebrities who have announced or rumored t, that they are running for President in 2020.

  1. The Rock

Everybody’s favorite muscly teddy bear, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has constantly hinted that he wants to run for President in 2020. He even told Vanity Fair in an interview, that he “wouldn’t rule it out.” I guess he would definitely get his way with any deals considering no one would want to get him angry! He’s huge!

2. Chris Rock

Ah, Chris Rock. Or as I know him… Marty, the Zebra who escaped New York in Dreamworks’ Madagascar. Such a goal orientated man, in animation and in real life. Although this is probably a joke, not just because he is one of the funniest men alive, but because the comedian posted this on Twitter just after Trump’s victory, saying “I’m gonna run in 2020 wish me luck.” He even added a photoshopped version of the movie poster for the film “Head of State”, in which he played the first African-American president. Good luck Chris, make “Head of State Only With the Second Black President” come true, please!


3. Kayne West

Kanye West, looking his Kanye best, taking a Kanye rest, before his presidential Kanye test. Kanye would not know the first thing about being president, let’s be honest, but he has hinted at running since Donald Trump became a viable candidate. If there was a test to make sure you have what it takes to become president, Kanye would not get past question one without going off on a tangent about how we need to love one another and be kind. However, does sound like a great peace offering speech, so maybe I’m wrong? Guess we’ll have to wait until 2020 to find out.


4. Ron Perlman

Another man to announce his decision to run for president as a joke is “Hellboy” actor Mr Perlman. Not only did he announce the decision on Facebook, he has also taken it to the next level and created some fake campaign posters that say, “Vote for Perl or Go to Hell.” Chris Rock and Ron seem to have some very similar ideas, perhaps a joint presidency could be in the making?


5. Katy Perry.

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42, 43, 46?!

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Wig. Wig. Honestly, just, wig. Listen, Perry, enough of your swish swishing, you cannot run for president. Even though I love Katy Perry so dearly, I don’t think she’s cut out for president. Well, none of these people are, but especially not Katy. Even though the star campaigned with all her heart for Hilary Clinton, but mostly she drew criticism that the Clinton campaign is more focused on courting celebrities than people. Whoopsie, doesn’t sound like president material to me. The idea was lobbed when Perry posted the Instagram above, and in the year 2018, all important announcements are done in Instagram form!


6. Will Smith

Probably the only celebrity I can actually see doing this job right. He’s funny, he’s kind, he was one the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, and what better than a former Prince to become president? Look, Will Smith is retired, he’s got grown up kids who have their lives together. seems to have his head on straight, not been part of a sexual scandal like the majority of middle aged men and seems like an all-round nice guy. I accept this one.


7. Oprah Winfrey

Okay, I lied, this is the celebrity, and the ONLY celebrity that I trust with my life. Oprah, please I beg you, run for president in 2020. You make great entertainment, you speak out for what you believe in, and you’re just so sweet. Oprah looks like the friend’s mum who’s house you’d always want to go to because she’s baked the best apple pie and would always give you the best advice over dinner. Someone you know will be there for you in time of need, which is want America needs. Oprah’s presidential rumors began after she gave an awe inspiring speech at the Golden Globes earlier this year, although she herself has shot down these rumors. Still, the rumors are kept afloat by our celebrity hungry populace!


8. Alec Baldwin

When on Howard Stern earlier, this year, Alec Baldwin, who famously plays our big old celebrity president, said that if he ran he would 100% win, to which us, in the public quietly whisper “noooo” under our breaths. Baldwin says the reason he doesn’t lead the Democrats in a historic landslide is he has to keep hosting Match Game, so… um… cool.


9. Marc Zuckerberg

At this point, I don’t really think a presidential run from Marc Zuckerberg is going to happen. Accidentally inventing a mass surveillance program that unknowingly let Donald Trump win isn’t exactly a vote of confidence. But he really was trying for a while, bless his glassy eyed little soul! We wrote about it here, but the short of it is he toured around swing states and hired both Obama and George W. Bush’s campaign manager. Sorry Marc! Can’t algorithm up a victory!


But remember. No matter how many celebrities are rumored to run for president in 2020, and no matter how ridiculous they all sound, none of them will be as bad as Donald Trump. I hope. Good luck, famous people!

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