Dude Hosts His Own House Party In The Middle Of IKEA

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  • “You don’t have to have a house to have a house party.”

    You just need a really hoppin’ IKEA and some impulsive passersby.

    Hip hop media, sports, and entertainment YouTube channel JumpOffTVUK filmed funnyman Teef as he started his very own house party in the middle of an IKEA feature display. I mean, what if he just wanted to test out the products?

    Teef proceeds to rearrange some furniture and spontaneously ask passing customers if they’re here for the party, at which point a crowd slowly starts to join him in busting a move to his blasting music and even sharing some booze.

    Eventually the authorities intervene to burst the house party bubble, but at least one lady is nice enough to offer, “You could try McDonald’s.”

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