Heroic Man’s Struggle in Saving Little Boy From Burning Building

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  • The above video was uploaded to YouTube on August 14, but was posted to Reddit this morning, quickly resulting in a front page spot for the link and a slew of fresh eyes to meet the footage.

    A determined and heroic man spends the first minute and a half of this video struggling to remove what looks to be a metal window covering that threatens to block his way into the house in which a young boy is trapped.

    The unbelievably dense smoke continues to billow among flames from the fire until the man is eventually able to open the window and rescue the boy, while met with cheers from the crowd that has been watching the whole event unfold.

    While the comments section of the video has turned into a hotbed of religious and cultural controversy and debate, the video alone is remarkable for its display of human courage and goodwill.

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