Six Reasons Why Neil Armstrong Was The Man

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  • In the wake of American hero Neil Armstrong’s passing this weekend, the vlogbrothers created an impromptu video in honor of the first man to walk on the moon, counting the top six reasons why Neil Armstrong was a complete badass.

    1. He got his pilot’s license before he was legally allowed to get his driver’s license.

    2. While working as a test pilot, Neil Armstrong flew over 200 different types of planes, and almost died three times.

    3. He saved himself and his pilot from being killed inside the Gemini 8, which was spinning uncontrollably at one revolution per second.

    4. While test-driving the LLRV, he ejected himself just seconds before the mechanism crashed and exploded into a giant ball of fire.

    5. Neil Armstrong threatened to sue his barber for selling some of his hair to a celebrity hair collector.

    6. Neil Armstrong walked on the freaking moon.

    Need he explain more?

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