King of The Web Gamers Muzzafuzza vs. Jesse Cox Mario Kart Power Battle!

King of The Web Gamers Muzzafuzza vs. Jesse Cox Mario Kart Power Battle!
By Amanda Walgrove
  • The end of the 2012 Battle Royale is almost upon us, but what does it really take to be the King of the Web?

    The famous web battle took over the What’s Trending studio today as hosts Shira Lazar and Tyler Oakley welcomed master YouTube gamers Muzzafuzza and Jesse Cox to face off in a Mario Kart 64 challenge while answering fan questions! Considering their standings as a Tier 2 winner and Tier 1 contendor, respectively, our guests were up for the challenge.

    Muzzafuzza describes King of the Web as a multi-week online competition in which you bring your online fanbase together to vote for your success. And at the end, someone is granted the prestigious honor of being King of the Web — plus some money!

    Yes, sure, it’s like The Hunger Games. “But with less dead teenagers,” Muzzafuzza thankfully corrects.

    So, according to the source, what does it take to make it as a gamer on YouTube?

    “It takes personality,” Jesse offers quickly. “Games are personality driven, no matter what people say…if people can relate to you, they can spend hours and hours watching you do the most inane things.”

    For those who want to get into gaming online, Muzzafuzza suggests, “Do something new…play something a lot of people aren’t playing or some sort of hidden gem.” For example, a game called Slender just popped up and now it’s exploding in the YouTube gaming world.

    Jesse chimes in to say, “Be yourself. Do what it is that you do. Don’t try to copy other people. That’s the most annoying thing in the world — especially on YouTube.”

    Gamers — go show ’em what you’ve got!

    Head to the King of the Web website for more info and to support Jesse’s fight for the crown!

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