DevinSuperTramp’s Quarter-Mile-Long Homemade Waterslide

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  • YouTube filmmaker devinsupertramp a.k.a. Devin Graham tackles his latest epic adventure video, “Shooting the Tube,” by creating a 1/4 mile-long homemade waterslide out of an industrial tube, with the help of some friends and their surfboards, kayaks, and floating devices of choice.

    Scoring the summer fun project is “Come with Us,” an original song by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and YouTube’s Lindsey Stomp a.k.a. Lindsey Stirling.

    Download the song on iTunes and check out Graham’s direction in the original music video for “Come With Us,” featuring YouTube favorites Freddie WBlack Nerd ComedyMysteryGuitarManKaleb Nation, and many more!

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