Queen Elizabeth Behind the Wheel of Her Range Rover

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  • About a week ago, The Best YouTube channel uploaded this video of Queen Elizabeth II going for a leisurely drive in her Range Rover. And the Internet is having fun passing it around.

    The Christian Post also wrote about the Queen’s outing this past Saturday, providing accompanying photos of Her Majesty sporting some different head gear — which they’ve deemed a “hoodie” — from what she’s wearing in the video above. It was reported that she was making the return trip from a grouse shooting session at Balmoral.

    In March 2011, reelsarency uploaded a similar video of Queen Elizabeth II driving through the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England and chatting with rabbit poachers along the way.

    It seems as if this is a well-known hobby of the Queen’s, sprouting footage that properly glimpses into a humanizing aspect of what is sure to be a lavish life.

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