Kurt Hugo Schneider Talks YouTube’s First Teen Drama Series ‘Runaways’

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  • YouTube music master Kurt Hugo Schneider stops by the What’s Trending studio to chat with Shira Lazar and Tyler Oakley about the brand new Awesomeness TV series “Runaways” and answer fans’ questions about his favorite covers and dream collaborations.

    Considering Kurt composed the score for the above-mentioned high school drama web show, What’s Trending offers an exclusive sneak preview of the first “Runaways” episode, which debuts August 31 on Awesomeness TV!

    Kurt describes the show as having a haunting vibe, following the intriguing story of two kids who runaway and leave little information behind for those trying to find them. “The song tries to capture that haunting vibe and the mystery of it all,” the song producer says.

    Having been a key player in the YouTube music scene for years already, Kurt can trace his first viral video to the Michael Jackson Medley ft. Sam Tsui (almost 30 million views!), and he’s been gaining attention for his many buzz-worthy projects ever since. One of his recent favorites is last week’s Maroon 5 Medley with Victoria Jackson.

    Kurt goes on to share a few interesting tidbits about his past, like the fact that he majored in mathematics at school and has even known long-time collaborator and YouTube star Sam Tsui since middle school.

    Even though the songwriter has collaborated with many major names on YouTube, we’re definitely wondering — haven’t the Glee producers knocked on his door yet?

    “I would love to arrange music for Glee,” he says. “Hit me up, wherever you are. Let’s do it!”

    Your move, Ryan Murphy.

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