Tyler Oakley VMA Announcement and Fangirling Fan Chat

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  • YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley joined Shira in co-hosting What’s Trending for the entire week of live shows, so come Friday — due to popular demand — we put Oakley in the What’s Trending hot seat to answer a slew of fan questions and even make a super special announcement: Tyler will be living every fangirl’s dream and attending the 2012 MTV VMAs as Taco Bell’s “Twitterspondent”!

    Speaking of his ever-growing fanbase, Tyler says, “I think what people really relate to most is somebody who just gets excited about something that they love.” (see: One Direction, Darren Criss)

    Fans of Oakley and 1D alike were just dying to know what it is about One Direction that Tyler loves so much. “They’re so fun and lighthearted…and they’re actually talented, which is a breath of fresh air,” Tyler says. “And they’re just beautiful.”

    Tyler’s favorite One Direction song? “Tell Me a Lie” — because it’s written by Kelly Clarkson, “who is the queen!’

    Many fans were eager to know why he isn’t dating fellow YouTube personality, Kingsley. “The stars haven’t aligned yet,” he says. “But we just filmed something yesterday, so watch out.” That’s some What’s Trending Breaking News for you!

    Tyler also shares the happiest moment in his life, and it was with Shira! Last winter, the two co-hosted the Trevor Live red carpet together. “It was something that I’ve always dreamed of doing and it felt like it was coming true,” Tyler says. “It was so surreal.”

    We look forward to seeing what’s next for the YouTube favorite!

    Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions and joined us LIVE!

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