“The Whistles Go Whoo Whoo” Grindhouse Parody Trailer

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  • To kick off the brand spanking new What’s Trending YouTube Trailers series, Bubb Rubb’s viral “whistle tips” video finally gets the Hollywood treatment it so richly deserves with a Grindhouse parody trailer.

    Movies and TV shows all get trailers and sneak previews. So, why not YouTube videos? What’s Trending is here to fix that, with some vocal help from friend and awesome narrator, Tay Zonday.

    “The Whistles Go Whoo Whoo” first emerged from a local news report on KRON in the Bay Area. When a man named Bubb Rubb and his cohort, Lil Sis, were interviewed about the noisy “whistle tip” accessories they were adding to their cars, Rubb provided some homemade sound effects, turning one small on-the-scene segment into a classic Internet hit.

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