Burnie Burns Celebrates 10 Years of Red vs. Blue

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  • Before Rooster Teeth, before YouTube, and before anyone even knew what a “web series” was, there was Red vs. Blue — an animated, sci-fi comedy series based off of the Halo games and introduced by indie filmmaker Burnie Burns all the way back on September 5, 2002.

    Now, ten years later, Burnie joins Shira Lazar to take fond look back at how far the show has come and tease what we can expect next from his Rooster Teeth production company!

    To help Burnie celebrate a decade’s worth of amazing video, we compiled some of Rooster Teeth’s most popular videos, surprise congratulations from funny YouTube guests, and, of course, a cake.

    Considering how quickly and drastically the online video landscape has changed in the past decade, Burnie first tries to put his work from 2002 into context for us now. “A big thing we had to do in the early days was to educate people that this is a show and there’s going to be another one like it next week,” Burnie says. All of the viral content back then were one-offs and shorts.

    Today, Rooster Teeth is insanely successful, with a whopping 23 series currently in production. While Burnie has debated making the shift to more traditional platforms, he admits, “We were actually making more money on the web than we were being offered to go to TV.” Hear that, online content creators? It’s possible!

    So what’s up next for the Internet video empire? An awesome iTunes podcast that just launched, wrapping up Red vs. Blue Season 10 and planning Season 11, continuing to roll out Achievement Hunter, and bringing back popular video game series Immersion!

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    Thanks to our special guests, Gavin Free, Adam Montoya, and Sam Betesh!

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