90s Kids Will LOVE The #MatildaChallenge!

A sequence from the 1996 comedy Matilda featuring Thurston Harris’s 1957 version of “Little Bitty Pretty One” has inspired a real life magic challenge!
By Alex Firer

So, if you don’t remember Matilda, it’s about a little girl with terrible parents who discovers she has telekinetic powers, and one of the most famous sequences involves Matilda finally learning how to use those powers to her benefit.

Suddenly, people around the world are recreating this iconic scene with their friends. Of course, since people don’t have telekinesis, they have to rely on more practical methods.

And thus you have the Matilda Challenge. Now some of the videos people are posting on Twitter are a bit low-budget to say the least. But that’s kind of half the fun, right?

Now, if there’s anyone who should be loving this challenge, it’s the estate of Thurston Harris, whose cut of the song “Little Bitty Pretty One” became a hit for Aladdin Records in 1957, or Bobby Day, who wrote and originally recorded the song, though his version’s not as well known.

One person who loves it who hasn’t been dead for over 25 years is actor and author Mara Wilson, who played Matilda. She said she loves the hashtag and has been tweeting out some of her favorites.

It’s interesting that this sequence in particular has gone viral as a dancing challenge. According to IMDb, Mara Wilson was self-conscious about dancing in this sequence, so director Danny DeVito had the entire cast and crew dance along with her on set. We’re not sure who exactly started the Matilda Challenge, but the earliest video we could find is from @yungdomdom on Twitter this last May.

But it didn’t take off until August when Beto Pedraza created his version on Musical.ly.


And now that it’s a full blown challenge, the mainstream media is getting involved, and not everyone understands why this would be fun to do.

What do you guys think? Are you going to take the Matilda Challenge? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.